Live Fast Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well.

Between personal work and the excitement of the Collective Hub launch I have been chipping away at my Culprit Club bad girls piece. My most mixed of medias and fun piece to date - I finally “allowed” myself the chance to play around with pulling paints, spray paint and most importantly - G L I T T E R. 

I always seem to have an excuse not to play around with different mediums apart from pencil and digital - however once I knew what I had planned to create - which I took my inspiration from artist Indie 184, I knew this was my chance to have fun with it and not take shit too seriously. And thats exactly how it went. The piece is based around the obvious (I hope) lyrics “Girls just wanna have fun” - twisted to fit nicely in the arms or on the wall of a badass.

Enjoy the attitude, glitter, paint and detail up close at the upcoming Culprit Club gallery launch show - Opposing Offenders - Crimes Against Humanity. Friday 15th 6pm - Full details HERE.

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