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Creativity Takes Courage

Ok, here’s a question for you creatives/go-getters out there.
Are you; Option A…
Working part/full time and work on your passion when you can
OR Option B…
Work casual/smaller hours, putting your passion at the forefront of your focus

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Breakdown to Breakthrough

A short while ago I heard someone say a line which I never really connected with, until recently, “Sometimes you have to break down to breakthrough”. I decided to share about experiencing a creative breakdown and some moments I recognised that really hit home, because it turns out they happen and you’ll probably never be prepared for your first time. 

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Real Talk: Part 2 - 2017

2017 was the year of learning to let things go - coming from planning, kicking goals and taking huge leaps in 2016, I could never have anticipated what was ahead. This is a hard blog post to write, out of all of the many this year…why? Because it’s about what came from me owning my own shit. Yes, hard work = results but it’s the learning along the way that really fucking gets you.

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Real Talk: Part 1 - Praise You

So, I’ve now come to terms that I am wrapping up my year, it is no longer March and I’ve recovered from August/September. In the last month I have been touching on the unknown and the feeling of that next wave - since then I stepped into the world of self development and delved into the amazing course called The Bridge Experience. To say it changed my life, is the closest to the truth I have ever been in my life and it well and truly rippled into my business. With that said I am excited to spend the next four weeks sharing REAL TALK - each week going into what I learned, highlights and struggles, being completely open about my year starting with Praise You...

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The Year of Like, Realising Stuff

I never, ever thought of quitting my job - it’s not that I didn’t think it was impossible, it quite literally never came to mind but when things started to align, my plans started to get bigger and deadlines tighter - as a soul-sucking job which I hadn’t encountered like this in all my years of retail, I had a shock to the system (of my work closing) and I took the opportunity, as well as the help. And here I am - a year out of retail and working for myself. So, I took some time to gather my thoughts and realised there were more things I was surprised by then I expected…

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#projectfulltransparency - Get rich or create try’n

Have you ever noticed the difference between earning money in a 9-5 job (that you hate), compared to the pay off with taking the leap on something you love? Something I don’t really see with the creative journeys getting shared is much money talk, let’s be honest - it’s important to us. Whether you strive for a certain lifestyle or just use the money to pay off essentials - money is an important factor. Especially in the line of work and direction, I’ve chosen to go in, like many other brave soldiers, earning money from our passion and being on top of the numbers is just something we have to be aware of and work towards. With money and freelancing also comes negativity and stress - BUT, I want to shine the light on my absolute favourite positive when it comes to living through your passion.

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6 Stages of my drawing challenge/bender (2016 v 2017)

When you set yourself a challenge like, a 30 day or week challenge, I think it’s safe to say the last thing you’re thinking about is “what will I learn from this” rather… “what the f have I gotten myself into”.  At the end of the day, a challenge is a challenge but for anyone looking for some extra work for themselves and to test things out in a less serious way - a challenge is perfect for you. Set yourself a challenge not for perfection, but to grow and learn and surprise yourself with what’s possible and breaking limits. Like the 30 day challenge from last year, my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week challenge was just as incredibly rewarding, if not more. So I thought I’d finally share what I’ve learnt since my last drawing challenge and share the 6 stages of my drawing benders…

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