2017 Horoscope Series | Cancer

Wow, I've officially put out half my star sign series... 6 down, 6 to go. If you've been following the series you have probably seen just as much change as I have and this month Cancer was one to show the difference. Although I was excited with the challenge of meshing MIA & Jack White into a piece for Cancer, I was also nervous. This piece became a mix of my core loves of classic pencil pieces, adding detailed elements like the warp to tie them together and my new love for experimenting, imperfections and creating in a different way by trusting the abstract style I'm developing. Something I never expected with this series was seeing my style develop when my horoscope stars come to life.

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June 21 - July 22
MIA & Jack White

As I mentioned, to me merging these two together was a challenge with Jack Whites crisp image and MIA's kaleido/fighter lens over our lives - although they share similar characteristics they are two greatly different creatives in their own right. To bring these two together meant to set aside their own obvious styles and bring them together in a way that complimented and balanced both of their natures, this also allowed me to play with my love for manipulating the piece by hand (warp) and experimenting with layouts/embellishments and imperfections. Characteristics of Cancers are tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional - whether or not you're one to follow horoscopes and the characteristics - you can't deny how people fit almost all of their horoscope traits.

Enjoy x

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