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Written by Emma Issacs, Founder & Ceo of Business Chicks, left my entire being with goddamn BUBBLING go-getter energy that I could not contain. Easily one of my top 3 reads of 2018. Filled to the brim of real life stories, about real life people making their way into business and far beyond into success, with special mentions to two VERY special women - Samantha Wills and Carly Brown, founder of UNE PIECE. Winging It, is a constant, yet realistic reminder that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, with dedication, personal connection and (obviously) hard work. This book is as unfiltered as it comes - with no bullshit, invaluable insight on the do’s and don’t of business such as getting things done, partnerships and teamwork as well as the importance of failure, recovery and growth.  Each pages is filled with  vulnerable and honest accounts of Emma’s own journey with her business, Winging It is guaranteed to hit home for anyone who is on their own path to success, in whatever way that may be

Favourite Quotes

“Recovering from failure is all about fighting the instinct to retreat back to your comfort zone.” - Emma Isaacs

“We only get one shot, might as well go for it” - Emma Isaacs

“Be so good they can’t ignore you” - Steve Martin

Nuggets of Wisdom

FAILURE - As Emma says “Shit happens, and it happens to all of us”. A huge lesson that come from the book from me, even at the time of writing this book is to not only that most problems present opportunities, but also to take emotion out of the situation. We react and respond out of emotion, whether it be for outside support, backlash or beating ourselves up. Power in growth from failure comes from reminding ourselves to step back and look at the bigger picture.

YOU DID THIS - I’ve caught myself doing this A LOT, with success comes, tall poppy syndrome (apparently - big in Australia). When it comes to success, and celebrating our achievements, it’s very common (particularly with women) to water down our hard work and share the success with others.

NETWORKING - “Networking is not about trying to get something from someone, or trying to impress someone so they’ll buy something from you. Networking is about building trust and rapport. Its about building a friendship where, if you’re doing it right, you should be doing more for the other person they they do for you, at least at the start.” Being a huge believer in networking myself it was perfect to hear from someone in business how important it is to network the RIGHT way. 


This book is right up your alley…

If you’re on a mission to make shit happen. With so many stories, insight and real talk - this book will leave you fizzing with possibilities and even possibly overwhelm of how badly you want it!! THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

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