2017 Horoscopes | Aquarius

Well! Cat’s out of the bag! I’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes with something totally new to Lusid Art - I’m super excited to release my first piece for my 2017 horoscope series.

This series is dedicated to some of my favourite beings - from all walks of life, here and past. Mainly through inspiration of music but also general creative forces. Each month I have carefully picked some of my biggest influencers and not only matched them to their star sign but created a piece to enhance their attitudes and characteristics the only way I know how - layers and detail. 

I hope you enjoy this series over the year and at least one piece resonates with you to your core. Next best part about this series is not only will I have ltd ed. prints available BUT if you sign up to my mailing list you will receive a F R E E monthly A4 printable calendar and desktop calendar - both featuring the artwork, every month for the next 12 months.

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Jan 20 - Feb 18
Kevin Parker & Anderson. Paak

This piece was inspired by two of my most listened to musicians of 2016. I had been wanting to draw Paak and Parker for sometime and it just so happened they were the same star sign. The background piece for this was actually inspired by a Tame Impala gig poster and the Milton Glaser influence I see behind Paak’s visuals. Both so strong in creative direction but different in how they carry themselves onstage I wanted to merge them in their moments in what they do best together.

I chose these two specifically because they have been responsible for two of the most memorable performers/musicians I’ve come across - hopefully you’ll get to experience them first hand yourself. For now enjoy some of their sounds.

As always, Enjoy x