Real Talk: Part 2 - 2017

2017 was the year of learning to let things go - coming from planning, kicking goals and taking huge leaps in 2016, I could never have anticipated what was ahead. This is a hard blog post to write, out of all of the many this year…why? Because it’s about what came from me owning my own shit. Yes, hard work = results but it’s the learning along the way that really fucking gets you.


Things change + to flow with it

2 for 1 with one of my biggest lessons this year is that shit changes, all the time, regardless of whatever your now is. Whatever is happening is supposed to happen. I slowly started to realise this after turning my year upside down that all the plans I had made this year, became less of a priority when I found exactly what I needed to do at that time. And there’s nothing wrong with that, what also came from that was a reminder to check-in with yourself. I’m very much guilty of setting goals at the start of the year - all motivated and really no idea what I’m doing, and that’s it - I leave it. Setting a reminder for yourself to see not only what you’re working on but how it’s working for you and if there’s something out there more pressing - seems like a simple thought but could be the difference between a good year and the best year

Taking care of yourself

Something I learnt later on in the year and will be a top priority for next year is the power of taking care of yourself. Coming from someone who constantly feels the need to be doing, it took me more to get out and stop - and as a result, taking a week out for myself led to a huge breakthrough/win in my business. Finding one thing you want to work on whether it’s having more fun, health or relationships , taking more time out for that one thing can easily create more space in other areas of your life**

**Credit to Preston Smiles for the tip.

From retail to full-time drawing and back again

For anyone who has had the inkling to take the leap and spend dedicated time on your craft - if you are in a position where you can, DO IT - or, if not, make it happen, there's always a way. After spending a year and a half working for myself, something I didn't expect was that I would be so comfortable to go back into work. When taking a leap like this it's so easy to get caught up in the responsibility but take after taking a step back my favourite realisations where;
- Set a standard for your next workplace, work it around you in order to work around them
- You learn SO much about yourself in the full-time role/responsibility
- Spending dedicated time of your craft truly excels you and gets you ready for bigger plans ahead
- You're the only one who puts pressure and expectations on yourself

The Wake Up Call

Frustration, confusion, guilt, resentment and fragility are among a bunch of waves that hit me again and again in the last year and a half with what had been an ongoing personal struggle and something that has made me feel paralysed to talk about, as the situation brought up so many thoughts, that in the end I was left zero clarity and just a mess of being in my own head. After a creative friendship turned bitter without any warning - I went into a downward spiral of comparison with so many toxic thoughts flowing through my head. I was left in confusion and began to lack confidence in my work and my purpose - I started to feel the need of approval and seeking confidence from my nearest and dearest although it was a temporary fix until the next wave of toxicity filed my head - every time this wave hit, I felt ashamed that I was still holding on and that I must’ve done something to make someone feel like this. Nothing could’ve prepared me for this and it took A LOT for me to realise how much confidence I had lost in myself AND that after so long saying I had been focusing on myself - that I wasn’t actually being honest to myself, because in reality, if I was - I wouldn’t have even remotely noticed this person. After incredible constant support and some personal development time, I received my wakeup call - which allowed myself to shut the door on comparison and gain my clarity back.

Although this was no easy feat, I’m so grateful to have learnt the most valuable thing out of this, before “there’s enough room for everyone” - (as at times, it doesn’t feel that way), is that everyone will verge into their own path and styles and completely separate from each other and in the scheme of things, comparing yourself whilst in your evolution process, is a waste of your time and energy.


  • Remembering the 3 month check-in tip
  • Letting life, "life" and trusting the process
  • Gaining clarity after over a year of being stuck in my own head
  • Understanding the importance of taking care of yourself in the hustle
  • Learning to be unapologetically me.

Next week's topic TBA....