The Never Ending Series - Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling

Back in May 2014, I attended The Analogue Digital Creative Conference - basically just to go see my idol CJ Hendry talk. However, I did not anticipate to meet the up comer Jasmine Dowling. I clearly remember sitting and listening to this stranger talk and thinking; “Holy shit, this is it. It is so possible.” So much so that I ended up tearing up, hearing this girl at my age talk about how she started because she couldn’t find what she wanted, so she did it herself - and from there she had turned it into a blog and budding career. Fast forward almost 2 years, Jasmine Dowling is a phenomenally sought after artist and blogger. Not everyone I plan on talking about in this series I have had the privilege to be supported by, however, with Jasmine - yes, this guy right here is a massive advocate for supporting multitude of creatives around her. As Jasmine's following has grown, so has her drive and therefore opportunities - working with local Australian labels and major brands such as David Jones, Maybelline and IMG Models - just to name a few.

There are two major aspects that bring me to raving about Jasmine - Firstly, the urge to create her own style. Over almost two years I have seen this girls work develop from (her now) original loose brush hand work, to testing, trial and releasing an ongoing range of styles, patterns, creative work, photography and blogging. It can be a hard place to be as an artist - such as Jasmine, to get caught up in your signature style and stay there because of the demand, however (as I have personally watched), Jasmine went against the grain to take the time out to test the waters and go bigger - bring more and more meaning to her work and use her following to also create pieces that inspire her supporters and lovers of her work.

The other major aspect and in my eyes the most important and permanent lesson for me was to go hard - Make it happen for yourself - Do the work - JUST START! I’m fairly sure that like all creatives, Jasmine hasn’t let all her tricks of the trade and opportunities see the light of social media day - but never fails to leave me with a constant reminder that - you MUST do the work, do it well and go hard - if you want to be successful in your field. It’s fairly easy to see from what has come from watching Jasmine’s journey so far that it is truly and incredibly possible to kick huge goals as long as you are willing to go that extra mile.