The Never Ending Series - Lisa King

Some few people know me personally and have come to learn that I travel for what I love. There is quite a list and it’s basically dedicated to having a cracking time to my favourite musicians and in some cases my favourite artists. Recently, I had the joy of being able to do one of my spontaneous trips because - art. Specifically because - Lisa King.

I remember coming across Lisa’s work thanks to the wonderful world of IG about 3 years ago and was always drawn back to look at her work and figure out how the hell it was created - Like a few other artists I’ve seen who have certain mysterious styles that you absolutely cannot workout how they do what the do - I soon became an avid fan on Lisa’s work, as every time I saw something of hers I was 50% amazed and ridiculously curious about how it came to be and 50% frustrated that I didn’t know how it was made.

Lisa’s work for me is the perfect cocktail of elegance and sophistication mixed with a bit of bite and attitude. Over time her work has becoming a driving force for me to try new techniques (which honestly, hasn’t really happened yet), find new characters to speak for a changing style and become more confident in learning my own process. Recently I have also seen Lisa taking up oil painting - and absolutely nailed it. From watching a new modern, classic style of oil paintings join the realm of beautiful, cool pastel girls - Lisa’s passion and drive and love learning new skills has become almost a daily reminder to stop what i’m doing, sit and enjoy testing shit out and keep it interesting.

As for Lisa’s show, finally seeing her works in person and meeting the beautiful being herself - every bit lived up to my dreams. Filled with pink deco, a bit of helium and beautiful work as far as the eye can see. 

Thank you Lisa for sharing your passion, style and support x