Note: This is not about the movie.

Obviously I have become very familiar with the female face/body - I could probably draw them (very poorly) with my eyes closed at this point, and as much as it’s nice and cool to see some girl drawing another girl on your feed and loving seeing her progress - on the starting end, it’s now turned into something totally different. It’s not just about putting things together that I’d would look pretty or dark or twisted - it’s slowly but surely for me become solely about firstly having the right attitude catch my eye, matching ideas to her personality and then building a piece to tell you a story. I’ve come to love every step of the process, from discovering the muse, adding to her attitude, creating a piece (that challenges me, and that I get lost in) and finally showing the piece - which is a particularly favourite step for me. All of those previous steps, result in a piece in which I already know all about the girl, but you don’t - now there is a piece that is new to you, you don’t know her - but chances are (and my aim) is that you want to know more about her, she has a look to her. I love creating pieces that overtime you discover new details, see things different and learning more about a piece. I love creating pieces that aren’t in your face subjects - you can put your own story to them, and add them to your story… I plan on introducing you to more of these girls, when they’re ready.

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Alex Saba