Hello internet and welcome to my crib. I’m incredibly proud to finally have something for myself that is viable enough to make a living out of, let alone a website.

“Lusid Art” actually came about late 2012 when I was living solo in Sydney and very ready to go home. I initially moved for fashion however the universe shifted and I fell into illustration. Fast forward to early 2016 and I have decided to drop uni, full-time work and anything that will bring me stress and go gung-ho making this my life.

I never saw myself having a successful social media following but now it has grown and I am opening up this site to share my work in a new way - I am testing out the text version of journal/blogging (which I’ve never really stuck to before). I don’t know how personal or impersonal to be but I’ll be working on finding a nice medium each time. I’m hoping to share some of my insight and experience on my big year ahead and whatever I face, even some of my process, more than what’s seen on Instagram.

This site didn’t come out of nowhere - it was built on the fact more and more of you are starting to take interest in my work, commercially, personally and emotionally. So thank you. A