Japan I


I never anticipated when landing in Japan to fall in love with a country like I did. From the vending machines on EVERY corner, mini shrines and temples squeezed into alleys and bird noises in the underground subway. This series will be a short story of what I discovered, however is really a grain of sand in comparison to what I experienced.

When the sun was out we spent days exploring the suburbs/prefectures - seeing the land of Tokyo as far as the I could see until it faded into oblivion from the Sky Tree, discovered the infamous “Electric Town” where humans would turn into gaming robots and groups of girls search levels of photo booths until they find their match. We soon realised the city of Tokyo is built up - apartment blocks and office buildings are covered in bright colours and filled with shopping, restaurants and our favourite gaming of every kind and the constant thunder of secret gambling, Pachingo. A surprisingly short drive out of Tokyo led us to seeing Mt Fuji - where I legitimately felt on top of the world. Next was Harajuku filled with one of a kind shopping, hundreds of sneakers stores, food crazed fans spending the afternoon lining up for pancakes or popcorn. Whilst on the other side of the train line lived my favourite (out of hundreds of shrines and temples) the Meiji Shrine, gothic harajuku girls and a group of dancing elvis’ dancing like everyone’s watching.

Once the sun was down we “experienced” Robot Restaurant and the after 5 version on Shinjuku, smoke friendly bars and clubs, new food ventures such as raw chicken and beef tongue (possibly chicken necks?), ordered dinners through vending machines, wandered alleys trying to scope out english menus, ending up in a hole in the wall eating some of the best food I’ve eaten, ever. Discovering some of the night life, larger than life robots and watching the Shibuya crossing and being the part of organised chaos with our new best mates. I will be living in Tokyo in spirit until we meet again…

Alex SabaComment