Heart To Art: In Conversation With Kate Pullen

Kate Pullen is a typography extraordinaire, book worm, singer, dancer, dog lover and like myself, has experienced grappled with her fair share of anxiety. In this conversation with Kate, we get straight to the point on what it can be like personally dealing with and with working creatively with anxiety, the ongoing journey in adversity and balance and of course, as most conversations lead to now - how social media can affect our mental health.

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Artwork Series: "EVERGREEN"

As someone who has had many reminders over the recent years to not get so caught up in the doing - I found an opportunity to tell this story. I wanted EVERGREEN to show the strength in realisation when we remember to see the forest for the trees. EVERGREEN celebrates self awareness and reflection.

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#dreamjob - Samantha Wills ZODIAC Collection

If you’ve been following over the last few months, you may have seen an cryptic #dreamjob post every so often… I am excited to reveal the full series i created for Samantha Wills final ZODIAC Collection. Yep, that’s right… D R E A M  J O B.  

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Alex Saba
Creativity Takes Courage

Ok, here’s a question for you creatives/go-getters out there.
Are you; Option A…
Working part/full time and work on your passion when you can
OR Option B…
Work casual/smaller hours, putting your passion at the forefront of your focus

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Breakdown to Breakthrough

A short while ago I heard someone say a line which I never really connected with, until recently, “Sometimes you have to break down to breakthrough”. I decided to share about experiencing a creative breakdown and some moments I recognised that really hit home, because it turns out they happen and you’ll probably never be prepared for your first time. 

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The Book Basket | BIG MAGIC: Creative Living Beyond Fear

After setting a goal for my 2018 self to read 10 books (and smashing that goal) I thought it was time some of my favourite reads. Every so often The Book Basket will serve you with not only my favourite reads but a somewhat solid overview to help you decide if this could be the book for you. First off the ranks - BIG MAGIC, creatives, this one is for you.

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Alex SabaComment
Artwork Series: "Collection"

Although the name “Collection” was the last part of this piece, the idea for the artwork was actually the very first inspiration for my new works. After sitting on the idea for some time I wanted to create not only something that wasn’t inspired by other art I’ve seen but more importantly something that represented how personal my own transformation was.

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