EMBRACE (your body) - Praise You 2019

I’m excited, proud and nervous to show my piece for Praise You this year.

EMBRACE was created to be an icon, to remind ourselves to be proud of what we have and appreciate our bodies. After growing up and living and breathing fashion I wanted to create a piece that spoke to what I have always known, but to how I see it now.

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Book Basket | What I Know For Sure

Written by Oprah Winfrey

What I Know For Sure is a beautiful book of life lessons and gratitude. An uplifting read, page to page What I Know For Sure is filled with countless experiences in Oprah’s life. Every recollection comes with a beautiful reminder of gratitude for life and all it offers us.

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Alex Saba
Heart To Art: In Conversation With Kate Pullen

Kate Pullen is a typography extraordinaire, book worm, singer, dancer, dog lover and like myself, has experienced grappled with her fair share of anxiety. In this conversation with Kate, we get straight to the point on what it can be like personally dealing with and with working creatively with anxiety, the ongoing journey in adversity and balance and of course, as most conversations lead to now - how social media can affect our mental health.

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Artwork Series: "EVERGREEN"

As someone who has had many reminders over the recent years to not get so caught up in the doing - I found an opportunity to tell this story. I wanted EVERGREEN to show the strength in realisation when we remember to see the forest for the trees. EVERGREEN celebrates self awareness and reflection.

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