Lusid Art is the embodiment of Alex Saba’s journey into a complete immersion in her craft and devotion to the process.  What was born of a collision between loneliness & imagination has rapidly expanded into a continually evolving entity of its own.

Driven by the irrepressible urge to create every day; Lusid Art brings to life bold personalities and an altered perspective on the already familiar through exceptional attention to detail and the fusing of creative concepts using a mix of traditional and digital mediums.

Through the unique experience delivered by Lusid Art, what began as a hobby has rapidly progressed into a profession and has led to work with the likes of Samantha Wills, Ellis Brooklyn X MECCA, Collective Hub, Ironlak and No Cure Magazine.

As you begin to discover and connect to the stories created by Lusid Art, you are invited to surrender and rethink what you already know.  

Enjoy.  Escape.


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Photo By Luke Shirlaw