For fine art illustrator, Alex Saba, Lusid Art was born as a lovechild of loneliness and imagination. What started out as a curiosity for creativity, spiralled into a passion for every-day illustration, transforming Lusid Art into a full-time creative personality.

Fusing detailed pencil illustrations with a splash of digital flair, Lusid Art exudes depth, detail and devotion through each of her uniquely crafted characters. Fuelled by her love for music and fashion, Lusid is inspired by strong, striking women with attitudes and agendas. She brings bold, beautiful personalities to life with her pencils, through incorporated creative concepts and extreme attention to detail.

As the ideas, opportunities and creative challenges of Lusid Art continue, so too does Alex’s new found love to share her experiences with her fans, friends and family. Alex’s personal progress though self-motivation and creative collaboration have led her to achieve numerous milestones with Lusid Art, and have opened the door to many long-lasting creative friendships.

Alex’s illustration has become not only an individual venture, but a journey for outsiders and appreciators to find new stories hidden in the depth and detail of her work. Since first embarking on her personal art expedition in early 2012, Alex’s creative career has rapidly progressed, leading Lusid Art to become a sought after and celebrated artist.

Lusid Art challenges to rethink what you already know and accept the opportunities you wish to see. Enjoy, and escape.


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